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We are leading pharmaceutical company with a broad spectrum medical solution


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DMK INDIA HEALTHCARE, a company with a vision that goes beyond the realms of time. We are fastest growing pharmaceutical company with a portfolio comprising of a wide range of finished pharmaceutical products such as tablets, capsules, sachets, injections, syrups, suspensions, range available in India since 2014.

DMK INDIA HEALTH CARE, a company that is committed to encourage happier and healthier lives across the globe by actively pursing and engaging in best innovative practices for the provision of quality health care pharmaceutical products.

We are leading pharmaceutical company with a broad spectrum medical solution. We have been active in the manufacturing and marketing of novel health care solutions.

Our company has wide finished product basket:-

1. Finished Products
  • Tablet
  • Capsule
  • Sachet
  • Suspension
  • Injection
  • Syrup

DMK INDIA HEALTH CARE is an innovation driven finished formulation company, involved in distribution of quality pharmaceutical products. We specialise in providing full sourcing options, complete technical capabilities and regulatory support of all products.

DMK INDIA HEALTH CARE is committed to provide you quality finished formulation as per specific country's regulations.

As an finished products supplier, we work closely with finished products manufacturer and custom formulators to ensure that the finished products you require are readily available.

Finished products call for a certain standard of quality and reliability that you can count on when you are with finished products from DMK INDIA HEALTH CARE.

DMK INDIA HEALTH CARE supplies some of the most demanded finished products and more. We are committed to Quality, Efficacy, Reliability and on time supply.

Our manufacturers have leading countries regulatory approved manufacturing facilities plant to offer you required quality. We are an Export House with a strong independent infrastructure which allows us to work in tandem with the need of our customers across the globe. We are having our representatives present across the globe to help you.